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Please contact us directly:


Consumer Driven Administrators, LLC

237 Main St

P.O. Box 117

Luckey, OH 43443


Phone: 419 833-2600

Toll Free: 877 810-2600

Fax: 419 833-2604


The email contact form previously available on this page has been removed due to use by spammers to send irrelevant and potentially harmful links.


Please continue to contact us using the above methods.

Setting Ourselves Apart

Competitive Fee Schedule

Our competitive fee schedule keeps the fixed fees associated with the plan to a minimum.


On-Demand Claim Funding

Employers are not required to provide a reserve deposit. Benefits may be paid on-demand as claims occur.


Flexibility with Plan Design

Plans are designed to meet the needs of the client first and foremost--they are not designed to accommodate pre-established plan designs.


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