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Welcome Summit Cardholders

Activating Your New Cards


To activate your card, call (855)226-5045.

If prompted for the TPA ID, enter 28.


If you experience difficulties activating your card from a cellular line, please try the activation process from a landline--sometimes the tones are not properly detected by the automated system when using a cellular line.


You may contact CDA, LLC at the phone number on the back of your card if you experience any difficulties activating your card.

Cardholder Portal Access


Access your online Cardholder Portal by clicking here.


To register, use the customized link that was provided to you in your Welcome Notice or Card Issuance e-mails.  If you no longer have the e-mail with your custom registration link, please call CDA at (419) 833-2600; a representative can send another e-mail to you with your customized registration link. 

Lost or Stolen Card?

Please call CDA immediately at (877)810-2600 to prevent unauthorized transactions on your account.

Helpful Links

Understanding the Card Receipt Request Process
Listen to this short audio description to better understand when a receipt request will occur and when it will not when your have used your card.
Summit Card Substantiation Explanation.w[...]
Windows Media music file [2.4 MB]

Cardholder Portal Access is available by clicking here.


IRS Publications & Guidance at Internal Revenue Service.

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